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SEBASTIAN SERRELL-WATTS -  Financial Consultant


SEBASTIAN SERRELL-WATTS (SS-W) graduated from USC film school, and began working in post-production on features including Educating Rita, Fifty Fifty, and Marked for Death.  SS-W then spent five years at Cannon Pictures, and Cannon Television, as Head of Post-Production, followed by a Post-Supervisor position at Disney. SS-W then became an International Financial Advisor for Merrill Lynch, and Kovack Securities, before becoming a director and EVP for Medolife.  SS-W has been involved in all aspects of film from structuring finance, budgeting, production and distribution, and recently as financial consultant for Eclectic Pictures. SS-W is also involved with several charitable organizations including the Saddlers Guild and is Executive Director of Stop Poaching Now! that raises awareness of the trade in endangered animals.

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